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A Cure Worse Than the Disease?

A Cure Worse Than the Disease?

Currency Crises and the Output Costs of IMF-Supported Stabilization Programs

(p.321) 10 A Cure Worse Than the Disease?
Managing Currency Crises in Emerging Markets
Michael M. Hutchison
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines the output costs of participating in International Monetary Fund (IMF)-supported stabilization programs following a currency or balance-of-payment crisis. The analysis of the 1997 East Asian crisis reveals that participation in an IMF program is associated with a 0.75 percentage point reduction in gross domestic product growth and that participation in an IMF-supported program following a balance-of-payments or currency crisis does not appear to mitigate the output loss associated with such events. The study also found that the country that did not have an IMF program suffered more than those countries with programs.

Keywords:   stabilization programs, IMF, currency crisis, balance-of-payment crisis, gross domestic product, output loss, East Asia

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