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Credentialing Chaplains

Credentialing Chaplains

(p.99) Three Credentialing Chaplains
A Ministry of Presence
Winnifred Fallers Sullivan
University of Chicago Press

This chapter describes the training and credentialing of chaplains. The work of chaplains is set in the larger context of employment regulation in the US. Separate sections describe the three credentials required for employment as a chaplain: Master of Divinity degree (MDiv), Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) certification, and ecclesiastical endorsement. The requirements for the MDiv and its regulation by state and federal government are outlined. A brief history of CPE and its purpose are described. Finally, the purpose of the ecclesiastical endorsement and the role of the endorsing bodies are discussed. All three requirements work together to enable a public/private regulation of religion as universal and necessary to the work of government.

Keywords:   credential, employment law, Master of Divinity degree, Clinical Pastoral Education, ecclesiastical endorsement

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