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In the West

In the West

(p.67) Chapter Four In the West
The Man Who Believed He Was King of France
University of Chicago Press

In April 1358, Giannino di Guccio had been selected for the highest magistracy of all, the Twelve Governors of the Commune and People of the City of Siena. But as he was notoriously absent, someone else took his place. By becoming a king, Giannino lost his Sienese citizenship. As king, he was barred from government. Giannino therefore put his affairs in order, probably made a will, arranged the terms on which his wife and children would remain in Siena, and on March 31, 1360 set out for Avignon. In virtue of the treaty reached at Brétigny on May 8 and the final draft, dated at Calais on October 24, the king of France ceded a large part of the kingdom in exchange for the English king's renunciation of all claims to the French crown, and his withdrawal from his strongholds. Giannino in the meantime, realizing how the restoration of peace and the return of the king would harm his interests, prepared for war. He did not even take part in person in his first and only battle.

Keywords:   Giannino di Guccio, Siena, France, king, war, Avignon, Brétigny, treaty

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