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Dofri the Giant

Dofri the Giant

(p.61) 7 Dofri the Giant
Between History and Myth
Bruce Lincoln
University of Chicago Press

This chapter focuses on Dofri, a cave-dwelling giant who acts as a foster father of princes and teaches them martial and mystic arts. It considers Dofri as representative of the giants who are closely associated with the essential components of kingship: land, the powers of nature, autochthony, magic and learning, as well as brute force. It also looks at the Dofri story found in the “Tale of Hálfdan the Black,” its similarity to the Grímnismál narrative, and the disjuncture between King Hálfdan and Harald Fairhair. Finally, it examines Heimskringla’s account of the Dofri episode.

Keywords:   giants, Dofri, kingship, autochthony, magic, Tale of Hálfdan the Black, Grímnismál, King Hálfdan, Harald Fairhair, Heimskringla

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