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Ingjald the Wicked

Ingjald the Wicked

(p.95) 10 Ingjald the Wicked
Between History and Myth
Bruce Lincoln
University of Chicago Press

This chapter focuses on the story of Ingjald the Wicked, twenty-fourth king in the Yngling dynasty, whose oath serves as typological precedent for the one later used by Harald Fairhair when he was sworn in as king of Norway. It examines a text in Heimskringla—Ynglingasaga 36—and the methods and sources used in the text. Through the story of Ingjald, Ynglingasaga implies how national unification could be accomplished and what kind of king was capable of this project.

Keywords:   king, Ingjald the Wicked, Yngling dynasty, Harald Fairhair, Norway, Heimskringla, Ynglingasaga, national unification

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