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On Dialectical Interpretation

On Dialectical Interpretation

(p.133) 6 On Dialectical Interpretation
The Birth of Theory
Andrew Cole
University of Chicago Press

This concluding chapter rewrites the history of Anglo-American criticism in its sweeping account of dialectical literary historicism—from Hegel and his contemporaries to the mid-to-late-nineteenth-century Hegelians in the UK and US, to Lukács, Macherey, and Jameson. It identifies where, over the years, dialectical criticism has preferred to think exclusively with concepts rather than figures, and shows how the inclusion of premodern dialectical models within the dialectical paradigm can not only reintroduce conceptual figuration as a viable contemplative and utopian mode (after Plotinus), but can also offer a way of conjoining dialectics and Deleuzianism, which have long been at odds with one another.

Keywords:   dialectic, critical history, historicism, nineteenth-century literary criticism, Plotinus, Heidegger, utopia, Hegel, Darstellung, Vorstellung

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