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Clinical Pathways to Disability

Clinical Pathways to Disability

(p.151) 5 Clinical Pathways to Disability
Health at Older Ages
Mary Beth Landrum, Kate A. Stewart, David M. Cutler
University of Chicago Press

This chapter concentrates on the clinical pathway to disability from specific medical conditions. It assesses the link of specific diseases and conditions with varying types and severity of disability to better understand the association between medical conditions and the disablement process. Stroke exacerbated the effects of both diabetes and heart failure in disability in complex tasks. Dementia is considered as a leading precursor to disability. Women were more likely than men to report new disabilities in mobility and self-care tasks, but not with complex tasks. Stroke, heart disease, and arthritis are amenable to both medical and lifestyle interventions. The analyses of newly disabled respondents attributing their disability to old age or symptoms indicate a greater focus on physician-based assessment of preclinical disease and treatment of symptoms in order to prevent disability.

Keywords:   clinical pathway, disability, medical conditions, stroke, diabetes, dementia, heart disease, arthritis

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