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Early Retirement and DI/SSI Applications

Early Retirement and DI/SSI Applications

Exploring the Impact of Depression

(p.381) 12 Early Retirement and DI/SSI Applications
Health at Older Ages
Rena M. Conti, Ernst R. Berndt, Richard G. Frank
University of Chicago Press

This chapter investigates the particular impact of one major mental health condition—depression—on disability enrollment, as well as its effect on work-related activity. The results of estimation strategies indicate that depression decreases work, increases early retirement, and increases DI/SSI applications. The baseline depression alone seems to have a greater impact on predicting DI/SSI applications than incident physical illness alone. The indirect effect of depression and widowhood appears to be greater for men than for women. The data then reveal that mental illness alone and in combination with physical illness exert significant effects on retirement behavior and DI/SSI applications consistent with recent disability application and recipiency trends. Furthermore, the interaction between depression and physical illness is substantial and significantly impacts DI/SSI applications.

Keywords:   depression, disability, mental health, work, early retirement, DI, SSI, widowhood, physical illness

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