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Beyond the Shifting Balancing Theory

Beyond the Shifting Balancing Theory

(p.213) 10 Beyond the Shifting Balancing Theory
Adaptation in Metapopulations
Michael J. Wade
University of Chicago Press

This chapter presents the results of crosses between beetles from high and low reproducing populations in relation to the fitness landscape of flour beetle laboratory populations. The chapter presents the results of experimental studies of inbreeding to show that differences in inbreeding among the metapopulations were not responsible for the surprizing results of the Shifting Balance Experiment. The empirical differences between individual and population mean fitness are discussed and were estimated experimentally. The finding that the among-population genetic variation in fitness was 50-fold greater than predicted by standard theory is discussed in the context of empirical results. Lastly, the unique signature that among-group selection leaves on gene sequences is discussed and illustrated with genomic data. Suggestions for future research into metapopulation genomics are presented in conclusion.

Keywords:   individual and group mean variation of fitness, open questions remaining, Ora Lee Lucas, gene interactions and speciation, epistatic genetic variation, indirect genetic variation

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