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Population Ecology and Population Heritability

Population Ecology and Population Heritability

(p.113) 6 Population Ecology and Population Heritability
Adaptation in Metapopulations
Michael J. Wade
University of Chicago Press

This chapter contains a discussion of the ecological and the genetic causes of variation in population growth rate in the flour beetle, Tribolium, especially as they are affected by variation in founder number and competition with other species. By relaxing group selection for three years, the author and his colleagues discovered correlated responses of population traits to group selection. These included outbreaks, density cycles, demographic variations, changes in competitive ability and a tendency toward local extinctions.

Keywords:   competitive ability of group-selected populations, density cycles with low rates of population growth, End of the McCauley Era, interaction of genetics and ecology, outbreaks with high rates of population growth, relaxation of group selection, variation of fitness within a wild population

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