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Experimental Studies of Population Heritability

Experimental Studies of Population Heritability

(p.91) 5 Experimental Studies of Population Heritability
Adaptation in Metapopulations
Michael J. Wade
University of Chicago Press

In this chapter, the theoretical relationship between the strength of random genetic drift and the rate of increase of group heritability is discussed. The experimental methods for estimating effective population size and the effective migration rate among Tribolium demes in the laboratory are outlined and diagrammed. The author discusses the distinction between genetic variability and heritability at the group level. A discussion of the results of experiments introducing migration at different levels and in different patterns among demes; random drift of population mean fitness for different numbers of founding adults; and the relationship between estimated and realized group heritability.

Keywords:   estimated group heritability, realized group heritability, island model migration, Fst as a measure of group genetic variation, group mean fitness, variation among groups in mean fitness

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