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Group Selection in the 1970s

Group Selection in the 1970s

(p.45) 3 Group Selection in the 1970s
Adaptation in Metapopulations
Michael J. Wade
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses the dawn of kin selection and its perception as an alternative to group selection in the early 1970ies. Maynard Smith’s distinction between individual and group selection and its role in formulating the design of an experimental study of group selection by the author is dissected. The distinctive role of ‘group heritability’ as opposed to individual heritability is introduced as a method for understanding the experimental outcomes. Several features of this early experimental work were artificial and led to questions that needed to be addressed in subsequent empirical work.

Keywords:   differential colonization, differential extinction, emergent traits, group selection, group traits, individual traits, Tribolium beetles

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