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Alcohol Regulation and Crime

Alcohol Regulation and Crime

(p.290) (p.291) 6 Alcohol Regulation and Crime
Controlling Crime
Christopher CarpenterCarlos Dobkin
University of Chicago Press

This chapter reviews existing research on alcohol and crime from the perspective of economics, first considering evidence from laboratory studies on the pharmacological effects of alcohol consumption on the brain and behavior. It then lays out several pathways by which alcohol consumption could lead to the commission of crime and also addresses the relationship between alcohol and other drugs, with respect to both consumption and regulation. Next, the chapter reviews studies on the relationship between alcohol regulations and crime, grouping them by the type of alcohol regulation examined (tax/price restrictions, age-based restrictions, spatial restrictions, temporal restrictions, and regulations not otherwise classified). It summarizes what is known about the value of each type of regulation and concludes with a discussion of economic considerations in assessing the importance of alcohol regulations as part of an effective crime-control strategy.

Keywords:   alcohol consumption, crime, economics, crime control, criminal behavior

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