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Mental Health Treatment and Criminal Justice Outcomes

Mental Health Treatment and Criminal Justice Outcomes

(p.166) (p.167) 4 Mental Health Treatment and Criminal Justice Outcomes
Controlling Crime
Richard G. FrankThomas G. McGuire
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines the evidence on the potential expansion of mental health services for reducing crime, first reviewing research on the link between mental illness and crime. It then studies mental health treatment in two high-risk groups who are candidates for mental health interventions targeted to reduce crime: children with serious behavioral problems; and adult criminals. This is followed by discussions of the effect of past illness and treatment on subsequent criminal justice contact in the case of children with conduct disorder; and current mental health interventions targeting criminals who are also mentally ill. Finally, the chapter returns to the question of the cost-effectiveness of expanding various forms of mental health treatment based on favorable effects on crime and criminal justice costs. A commentary is included at the end of the chapter.

Keywords:   mental health services, crime reduction, crime control, mentally ill, behavioral problems, criminal justice costs, mental health interventions

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