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Education Policy and Crime

Education Policy and Crime

(p.465) 10 Education Policy and Crime
Controlling Crime
Lance Lochner
University of Chicago Press

This chapter reviews evidence that education-based policies and early childhood interventions play an important role in reducing crime. It first discusses the relationship between education and crime from an economic perspective, developing a model that illustrates how early childhood programs and policies which encourage schooling may affect both juvenile and adult crime. The chapter then considers evidence on the impacts of educational attainment and school quality/choice on adult crime, and reviews a number of recent studies that examine the long-term impacts of early childhood, school-based, and young adult training interventions on juvenile and adult crime. This is followed by a discussion of policy issues related to education and its potential role as a crime-fighting strategy. A commentary is included at the end of the chapter.

Keywords:   crime control, crime prevention, crime reduction, education policy, childhood interventions, criminal behavior

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