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Narrowed Perspectives, Broader Implications

Narrowed Perspectives, Broader Implications

(p.181) Six Narrowed Perspectives, Broader Implications
The First Year Out
Tim Clydesdale
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses the narrowed perspectives on larger political, economic, and social matters as a general and possibly generational phenomenon among teens. It then shifts to the broader implications not only of teens' disengagement but also of the project's findings as a whole. Many researchers and educators have made youth's disengagement from political and civic life a prominent concern for over a decade. Their work identifies growing cynicism about American political life as a root cause, which is exacerbated by mass media framing of political news. Thus, the book's argument about the impact of popular American moral culture on youth disengagement is hardly novel. What is novel is that the book specifies the identity lockbox as the mechanism of narrowed perspectives. It proposes that school rampages affected teens' perspectives on the world more than September 11, and argues that distinct forms of teen religiosity sustain or challenge youth disengagement.

Keywords:   American teens, youth disengagement, popular culture, American moral culture, school rampage, teen religiosity

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