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Cognitively Sharper, Intellectually Immune

Cognitively Sharper, Intellectually Immune

(p.149) Five Cognitively Sharper, Intellectually Immune
The First Year Out
Tim Clydesdale
University of Chicago Press

Culturally mainstream American teens are, by the end of the first year out, more cognitively sharper and more skilled in adapting to new organizations, than they were before but are largely immune to intellectual curiosity and creative engagement. Educationally, then, the glass is neither empty nor full. It is half-empty for those who want the first year out to be about intellectual curiosity and creative engagement, and it is half-full for those who want the first year out to be about becoming smarter and successfully adapting to new formal organizations. This chapter describes the educational preparation of high school seniors, the educational experiences of first-year students, and the cultural mismatch between educator hopes, student experiences, and public perceptions.

Keywords:   American teens, high school seniors, education preparation, education experiences, first-year students

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