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Composing for Chorus

Composing for Chorus

(p.177) Chapter Six Composing for Chorus
Composing Japanese Musical Modernity
Bonnie C. Wade
University of Chicago Press

Chapter Six, with Chapter Five, focuses on opportunities for composers in the environment of Japanese modernity characterized by the presence of European spheres of musical participation. Chapter Six addresses choral singing, a popular, primarily amateur sphere. Its is situated in Japan by chronological tracking from school music in the modern era, to choruses formed for political reasons, in response to post-war conditions, or in the interest of expressing Japanese sentiments. Motivations for the abundant practice of commissioning of new works from Japanese composers are explored. Intersections are noted of song and choral music, for children and adults. Some composer’s choices for texts and settings are analyzed, including works for chorus and orchestra.

Keywords:   Japan, Modernity, Choral singing, Song texts, Works for chorus and orchestra

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