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Composing for European Instrumental Ensembles

Composing for European Instrumental Ensembles

(p.139) Chapter Five Composing for European Instrumental Ensembles
Composing Japanese Musical Modernity
Bonnie C. Wade
University of Chicago Press

Chapter Five, with Chapter Six, focuses on opportunities for composers in the environment of Japanese modernity characterized by the presence of European spheres of musical participation. Chapter Five considers the different types of instrumental ensembles— orchestras, small ensembles for chamber and contemporary music, and wind bands. Each is situated in the Japanese context historically and in terms of the reception by Japanese audiences and performers, both professional and amateur. Paramount is consideration of both the opportunities afforded composers (or not) by that reception and the significant composition competition system for evaluating competency for some kinds of writing.

Keywords:   Modernity, Japan, Composer, Composition competition, Orchestra, Chamber Music, Contemporary music ensemble, Wind band, Musical reception

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