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Conclusion: The Romantic Absolute

Conclusion: The Romantic Absolute

(p.258) Conclusion: The Romantic Absolute
The Romantic Absolute
Dalia Nassar
University of Chicago Press

The final section of the book elaborates the connections between the three thinkers examined, and maintains that, in spite of their differences, they agreed on the most fundamental level. It points to the distinctive interpretation of The Romantic Absolute, and argues that in the work of the romantics, we find a formidable attempt to grasp and present the relation between mind and nature and in a coherent, but non-reductive way, that continues to be relevant today.

Keywords:   Friedrich Schelling, Friedrich Schlegel, Friedrich von Hardenberg Fichte, Spinoza and German idealism, Goethe, intellectual intuition, the absolute I, transcendental philosophy, Naturphilosophie

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