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Preparing the Way: Transport Operators

Preparing the Way: Transport Operators

(p.67) 4. Preparing the Way: Transport Operators
Accident Prone
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This chapter discusses safety in transportation streams. Managers of transportation systems did notice that some employees were superior to others. Hugo Münsterberg had been approached by a shipping line for help in selecting suitable ship captains who would not cause accidents or damage. Münsterberg did not do much further work on the problem of determining safe transit operators, but it was taken up by others in the United States and Europe. Two of the investigators, W. V. Bingham and C. S. Slocombe, continued to write and speak about accident proneness for years afterward. Donald Laird showed the way in which transportation employee selection facilitated the spread of the idea of accident proneness in traffic. Tests for drivers appeared in both Europe and the United States with remarkable rapidity during the 1920s.

Keywords:   transportation systems, Hugo Münsterberg, safe transit operators, United States, Europe, W. V. Bingham, C. S. Slocombe, Donald Laird

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