Aristotle's Dialogue with SocratesOn the "Nicomachean Ethics"

Aristotle's Dialogue with SocratesOn the "Nicomachean Ethics"

Ronna Burger

Print publication date: 2013

ISBN: 9780226080505

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


What is the good life for a human being? Aristotle's exploration of this question in the Nicomachean Ethics has established it as a founding work of Western philosophy, though its teachings have long puzzled readers and provoked spirited discussion. Adopting a new point of view, this book deciphers some of the most perplexing conundrums of this influential treatise by approaching it as Aristotle's dialogue with the Platonic Socrates. Tracing the argument of the Ethics as it emerges through that approach, the book's reading shows how Aristotle represents ethical virtue from the perspective of those devoted to it, while standing back to examine its assumptions and implications.