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Losing Status

Losing Status

The Place of Former Capitals in Today’s America

(p.286) 9 Losing Status
American Capitals
Christian Montès
University of Chicago Press

This chapter sheds light on the fate of former capitals. Most are fully participating in the process of re-actualization of memories, which proved necessary, because former capitals are globally in a worse situation than current ones, from a demographic point of view at least. The growth of heritage awareness benefited many former capitals in the form of archaeological parks (Williamsburg, San Felipe de Austin…) or tourism-induced growth (New Castle, Guthrie…). For the remaining ones it is only an asset among others to lure visitors (Monterey, Golden) or retirees (Prescott). Last, some have been included into metropolitan areas (Benicia, Vallejo, Chillicothe).

Keywords:   Memory, Heritage, Archaeological park, Tourism, Metropolitan areas

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