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(p.ix) Acknowledgments

(p.ix) Acknowledgments

Sovereignty and the Responsibility to Protect
University of Chicago Press

The idea for this book was first suggested to me by Alex Bellamy at the University of Queensland in early 2006. Alex was an extraordinary supervisor and is now a generous colleague and friend at Griffith University. He has been tireless in his enthusiasm for the project, reading and rereading each part of the book many times over and graciously lending his expansive knowledge, gentle criticism, and wise counsel whenever I have needed it. Richard Devetak was the perfect second supervisor. I have frequently relied upon his profound understanding of the theoretical and historical material covered in the book and his ability to articulate what steps might be taken to make my arguments more persuasive. I am deeply grateful for the wisdom and generosity of both Alex and Richard.

At various stages of the project, Frazer Egerton, Aidan Hehir, Jason Ralph, and Jennifer Welsh have read drafts of the entire manuscript. Many thanks go to them for thoughtful comments, criticisms, and insights that have enabled me to produce a stronger argument and a more polished work. Thanks also go to Shannon Brincat, Tim Dunne, Jess Gifkins, Seb Kaempf, Andrew Phillips, Richard Shapcott, Sarah Teitt, Ryan Walter, and Martin Weber, who each offered helpful comments and suggestions on various parts of the project during my time at the University of Queensland, and also to Sara Davies, Hunjoon Kim, Andrew O’Neil, Haig Patapan, Jason Sharman, Pat Weller, and Wes Widmaier, who have each engaged closely with the project during my time at Griffith. Jason Sharman in particular has devoted many hours to reading and commenting on key parts of the manuscript and helping me find the right publisher for the book. Special thanks go to Mark Chou, with whom I shared an office at the University of Queensland, for many enjoyable pizza lunches, shared discoveries about academic publishing, and arguments about punctuation over the last seven years.

(p.x) I wish also to acknowledge the invaluable support provided by the team at the University at Chicago Press who have guided this book to publication. I am grateful to David Pervin for supporting the project and for his sage advice about how to make my argument more persuasive and more accessible. I am also grateful to Christie Henry and Shenyun Wu for their commitment to the project and their work in readying it for publication. Thanks also go to the anonymous reviewers who engaged with the manuscript at length and whose constructive criticisms enabled me to produce a better book.

Some of the arguments in this book have been published in earlier form elsewhere. Various chapters draw on material from “The Antecedents of ‘Sovereignty as Responsibility,’” European Journal of International Relations 17, no. 2 (2011), 233–55; “Darfur and the Responsibilities of Sovereignty,” International Journal of Human Rights 15, no. 3 (2011), 462–80; “Intervention in Libya: From Sovereign Consent to Regional Consent,” International Studies Perspectives 14 (forthcoming); and “The Myth of ‘Traditional’ Sovereignty,” International Studies Quarterly 57, no. 1 (2013), 79–90. I am grateful to the publishers for permission to use this material.

My deep gratitude goes to Mum, Dad, Mark, Erin, Sarah, and Dave for their unconditional love, support, and prayers. I particularly want to thank Dad for yet again reading over every word of my work with his trusty red pen in hand, and also my little nieces, Milly, Mahla, and Indi, for what I took to be their willingness to do some proofreading of their own if only they had learned to read.

Finally, I want to thank my delightful wife, Clare, for willingly moving away from family and friends to be with me in Brisbane, for tolerating my stresses and odd work habits, for listening to my rants about Hobbes and my musings on the “responsibility to protect,” and for encouraging and prayerfully supporting me throughout the last seven years.


November 2012

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