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Turbulence and Worker Career Paths

Turbulence and Worker Career Paths

(p.79) Chapter Six: Turbulence and Worker Career Paths
Economic Turbulence
Clair Brown
University of Chicago Press

This chapter investigates how much job change there is in different industries and examines the impact of job change on worker career paths. It also evaluates the “typical” effects of turbulence and the patterns that are most prevalent. Most workers' career paths involve changing jobs. Economic turbulence has a huge effect on workers' career paths, which vary across industries. Loyalists have the best career paths, followed by job switchers. Although they have the best career paths within their industry, their career paths vary enormously across industries. Women's initial earnings are much lower than men's, and their career paths are worse. It is noted that workers gain big rewards for jobhopping and that their loyalty to a company pays off. Many workers are able to continually improve their career paths by finding better job opportunities with another firm.

Keywords:   job change, worker, career paths, economic turbulence, loyalists, job switchers, earnings

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