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The “New Realities” of Imperialism

The “New Realities” of Imperialism

(p.189) 8 The “New Realities” of Imperialism
The Empire of Civilization
University of Chicago Press

This chapter provides an account of the growing calls for a “new imperialism” to deal with the problems that result from the divisions of the world into the “civilized” and “uncivilized” spheres. It analyzes the consequences of such divides and the subsequent efforts to enforce new standards of civilization. The chapter discusses the concepts of so-called humanitarian imperialism and economic imperialism. It also considers the imperial urgency that has been aroused by the threat of terrorism and rogue actors in the wake of September 11 and subsequent terrorist attacks on Western targets around the world.

Keywords:   new imperialism, civilization, humanitarian imperialism, economic imperialism, imperial urgency, terrorism, terrorist attacks

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