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The Prefaces

The Prefaces

(p.29) Two The Prefaces
The Idea of Hegel's "Science of Logic"
Stanley Rosen
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines the two prefaces of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s Science of Logic dated March 1812 and November 1831, respectively. It first considers the Hegelian notions of truth, rationalism, and logic, as well as the Hegelian standpoint between the French Revolution of 1789 and the revolution of 1968. It then turns to a discussion of Hegel’s distinction between two different types of reason: dialectical reason and positive reason. It also discusses the laws of deductive thinking, which it argues are “violated” because they cannot themselves be grasped conceptually except as developing dialectically. Finally, the chapter analyzes Hegel’s arguments about language, unification, and the history of philosophy.

Keywords:   logic, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Science of Logic, truth, rationalism, French Revolution, reason, deductive thinking, language, philosophy

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