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(p.283) Twelve Contradiction
The Idea of Hegel's "Science of Logic"
Stanley Rosen
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s doctrine of contradiction, first by reconsidering the concepts of identity and difference and Hegel’s acknowledgement of the validity of the laws or principles of formal reasoning within ordinary discourse. It makes a distinction between the laws of the understanding and the laws of reason, referring to the Hegelian situation as dialectical and to traditional rationalism as ordinary. It then turns to a discussion of functional logic as well as the Hegelian account of moments of identity and difference, or positivity and negativity, in relation to reflection. The chapter also analyzes the notions of arbitrariness and negativity and whether they should be treated as the source or the ground for the absolute.

Keywords:   logic, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, contradiction, identity, difference, rationalism, positivity, negativity, reflection, arbitrariness

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