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The Fichtean Background

The Fichtean Background

(p.231) Ten The Fichtean Background
The Idea of Hegel's "Science of Logic"
Stanley Rosen
University of Chicago Press

This chapter focuses on Johann Gottlieb Fichte as Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s immediate predecessor and the second volume of Science of Logic, in which Hegel introduces book 2 on Wesen. It first analyzes Hegel’s general doctrine of the shift from being to essence on the one hand, and from essence to the concept on the other, before turning to Fichte’s account of reflection in his Wissenschaftslehre or Doctrine of Science (1794). In particular, it examines Fichte’s attempts to correct the defect of Immanuel Kant’s version of Kantianism through an intellectual intuition of the working transcendental ego. The chapter then considers Fichte’s notion of the human being before concluding with a discussion of Fichte and Hegel’s search for a version of the law of noncontradiction based on both identity and difference.

Keywords:   logic, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Science of Logic, being, essence, concept, reflection, law of noncontradiction, Immanuel Kant

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