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Transition to Book Two

Transition to Book Two

(p.207) Nine Transition to Book Two
The Idea of Hegel's "Science of Logic"
Stanley Rosen
University of Chicago Press

Whereas book 1 of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s Science of Logic can be understood as the analysis of Greek ontology prior to Plato, book 2 deals with the notion of essence and like book 1, is dubbed the objective logic by Hegel. This chapter begins with a discussion of monism and dualism before turning to the Hegelian interpretation of the history of philosophy with respect to the traditional doctrine of essence and attributes. It considers Aristotle’s account of essence and property and the case of points on the logical continuum. It also discusses Hegel’s argument that it is impossible to conceive of pure quantity and restates the central theoretical flaw of pre-Socratic philosophy—that is, quality and quantity can be neither distinguished nor unified. Finally, the chapter interprets the transition from book 1 to book 2 as a shift from being to essence.

Keywords:   monism, dualism, essence, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Science of Logic, logic, philosophy, property, quantity, quality

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