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Between Fable and Romance

Between Fable and Romance

(p.241) CHAPTER EIGHT Between Fable and Romance
The Anonymous Marie de France
R. Howard Bloch
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines the elements of doctrine that fit into the mold of fable and of romance in Marie de France's Espurgatoire Seint Patriz, her translation of the Tractatus. It analyzes Marie's reasons for choosing to write a literary translation of Tractatus and describes how Espurgatoire Seint Patriz served as a dissemination of the legend in the vernacular. This chapter also argues that what the Espurgatoire Seint Patriz accomplished in converting a supposedly documentary treatise on the origins and workings of Purgatory into a tale of knightly deeds is significant because it is a translation not just between languages but between different cultural discourses.

Keywords:   Espurgatoire Seint Patriz, Marie de France, Tractatus, documentary treatise, Purgatory, cultural discourses

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