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Beastly Talk: The Fables

Beastly Talk: The Fables

(p.111) CHAPTER FOUR Beastly Talk: The Fables
The Anonymous Marie de France
R. Howard Bloch
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines language use in Marie de France's Fables. It suggests that the basic material of the fable gains the resonance of a didactic tale alongside the dit, beau dit, mots, beaux mots, or aventure which also carries the meaning “story.” It also mentions that the work fable is synonymous with a lie, with ruse, or with fiction. This chapter analyzes the extent to which the Lais and Fables should be read together and to what degree do they offer internal evidence of a single poetic persona.

Keywords:   Fables, Marie de France, language, Lais, poetic persona, didactic tale

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