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International Comparisons of R&D Expenditure

International Comparisons of R&D Expenditure

Does and R&D PPP Make a Difference?

(p.291) 10 International Comparisons of R&D Expenditure
Hard-to-Measure Goods and Services
Sean M. DoughertyRobert InklaarRobert H. McGuckinBart van Ark
University of Chicago Press

This chapter brings together a wide range of statistical data to develop relative R&D prices for nineteen manufacturing industries in six countries—France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States—with the United States as the base country. This exercise is undertaken for two benchmark years, 1997 and 1987. The chapter begins by reviewing previous research on R&D purchasing power parities (PPPs) and its limitations. Next, it describes estimates of manufacturing R&D PPPs for 1997 and 1987. These PPPs are used to compare international R&D cost levels and intensity. It then assesses differences with current practices. The chapter shows that the preferred R&D PPP measure can be simplified without a large impact on the results.

Keywords:   research and development, manufacturing industries, purchasing power parities

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