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Lead Out: Learning How to Make Life Swing

Lead Out: Learning How to Make Life Swing

(p.195) Lead Out: Learning How to Make Life Swing
American Allegory
Black Hawk Hancock
University of Chicago Press

This chapter presents the author's own reflections as an embedded and embodied ethnographer in relation to the craft he mastered and the worlds he traveled through on the way to that mastery. This reflection takes stock of his doubly transformative odyssey as both carnal sociologist and Lindy Hopper/stepper. In doing so, this reflection considers ways to establish new inroads into the interconnections between race and culture at both theoretical and empirical, as well as intellectual and practical, levels in relation to the allegory of dance as a racial-cultural dynamic working itself out within the larger context of American society.

Keywords:   dance, dancing, ethnography, Lindy Hop, Steppin', race, culture

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