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Put a Little Color on That!

Put a Little Color on That!

(p.119) 3 Put a Little Color on That!
American Allegory
Black Hawk Hancock
University of Chicago Press

This chapter highlights the lived immediacy of dancing leading to both a simultaneous investment in mastery of those embodied practices and an obliviousness to how those interactions erase the historical conditions of those cultural forms. By mapping out the dominant discourses through which the dance is conceptualized and articulated, it shows how the very discourses through which people understand their actions are always subject to those who wield the most power over them. Here, the theme of cultural appropriation in relation to the specificities of the Lindy Hop revival allow the dance to be openly embraced as a cultural form since it has no current grounded racial identity in popular culture. As a result, these discourses provide a window into understanding how the dominant racial logic of American society circulates even in the most apparently innocuous cultural practices.

Keywords:   dancing, dance, Lindy Hop, cultural appropriation, cultural forms

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