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Introduction: The Lindy Hop Revival

Introduction: The Lindy Hop Revival

(p.9) Introduction: The Lindy Hop Revival
American Allegory
Black Hawk Hancock
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines the history of the Lindy Hop and what its revival says about the ongoing story of our struggles with “American” cultural identity. It relates the Lindy Hop scene to the social dance world of Steppin' in order to understand the Lindy Hop in relation to race, identity, and contemporary American society. It discusses the need to shift the study of race and ethnicity back onto whiteness and the ways in which the privileges of whiteness are institutionalized and naturalized; Ralph Ellison's thoughts on African American culture; and the carnal sociology approach. An overview of the subsequent chapters is also presented.

Keywords:   Lindy Hop, social dance, cultural identity, American culture, Steppin', African American culture, carnal sociology

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