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Lead in: The Cost of Insight

Lead in: The Cost of Insight

(p.5) Lead in: The Cost of Insight
American Allegory
Black Hawk Hancock
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses the author's immersion into the worlds of Lindy Hop and Steppin'. He participated in all aspects of the Lindy Hop dance culture and became a regular social dancer in the Chicago Steppin' world. The present volume is a confluence of three narratives: (1) an historical narrative of his immersion in and passage through the Lindy Hop and Steppin' worlds; (2) a personal narrative of his own development as a student of dance, as a scholar, and as an individual; and (3) a theoretical and methodological narrative that develops his experiences and approaches in the field to larger studies of race, culture, and identity.

Keywords:   dance culture, dancing, Lindy Hop, Steppin', social dancer

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