The Analysis of Firms and EmployeesQuantitative and Qualitative Approaches

The Analysis of Firms and EmployeesQuantitative and Qualitative Approaches

Stefan Bender, Julia Lane, and Kathryn L. Shaw

Print publication date: 2013

ISBN: 9780226042879

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


The long-term impact of globalization, outsourcing, and technological change on workers is increasingly being studied by economists. At the nexus of labor economics, industry studies, and industrial organization, this book presents new findings about these impacts by examining the interaction between the internal workings of businesses and outside influences from the market using data from countries around the globe. The result is enhanced insight into the dynamic interrelationship between firms and workers. The book examines the relationships between human resource practices and productivity, changing ownership and production methods, and expanding trade patterns and firm competitiveness.

Table of Contents


Stefan Bender, Julia Lane, Kathryn Shaw, Fredrik Andersson, and Till von Wachter

1 Human Resource Practices and Firm Productivity

1 The Effect of HRM Practices and R&D Investment on Worker Productivity

Fredrik Andersson, Clair Brown, Benjamin Benjamin, Hyowook Chiang, and Yooki Park

2 Using Behavioral Economic Field Experiments at a Firm

Stephen V. Burks, Jeffrey Carpenter, Lorenz Götte, Kristen Monaco, Kay Porter, and Aldo Rustichini

3 Subjective Evaluation of Performance and Evaluation Interview

Marc-Arthur Diaye, Nathalie Greenan and Michal W. Urdanivia

2 Firm Differences in Human Resource Practices

4 Do Initial Conditions Persist between Firms?

Till von Wachter and Stefan Bender

5 Changes in Workplace Segregation in the United States between 1990 and 2000

Judith Hellerstein, David Neumark, and Melissa McInerney

7 Ownership and Wages

John S. Earle and Álmos Telegdy

8 Insider Privatization and Careers

Guido Friebel and Elena Panova

4 Globalization, Trade, and Labor Markets

10 Job Creation Abroad and Worker Retention at Home

Sascha O. Becker and Marc-Andreas Muendler