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Conclusion Hints Followed by Guesses

Conclusion Hints Followed by Guesses

(p.130) Conclusion Hints Followed by Guesses
Heaven's Kitchen
University of Chicago Press

Volunteers did not engage in many overt discussions about deep, meaningful things. They claimed that the work they did together was self-evidently important and valuable, and they questioned anyone's attempt to ground it in something obviously ideological. The heat of arguments that sometimes erupted around small issues of kitchen procedure pointed toward ways of understanding how talk and practice worked in the kitchen. This chapter develops a picture that confirms some recent understandings of religion in contemporary America and challenges others. This tangle of daily speech genres and indirect talk about religion in the kitchen suggests that religious practice and talk in daily life are far from being diffuse and vague. Emphasizing the specificity of contexts and interactions is an obvious extension of current work in the sociology of culture.

Keywords:   sociology, religion, kitchen, culture, contemporary America

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