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What We Talk about When We Talk about Religion

What We Talk about When We Talk about Religion

(p.90) Chapter Five What We Talk about When We Talk about Religion
Heaven's Kitchen
University of Chicago Press

Studying how daily conversations and daily actions help individuals gain their footing is a requirement for analyzing any public talk about religion. This chapter details volunteers' attempts to extend talk about morality, responsibility, and duty past daily speech genres. Most talk about religion went on in several discrete ways: talk about going to church, preparing for holidays, and parody or satire. Talk about church and holidays cropped up when volunteers talked about their daily schedules, and they indulged in parody and satire when the media and political events focused on religious groups. Most participated in religious traditions during holidays and family life events and elaborated on their often difficult and frustrating loyalties to family and tradition. Volunteers talked about going to the church or synagogue by weaving their religious affiliations into the details of conversations about other things. They thus established their religious identities in everyday chatter about schedules and plans.

Keywords:   religion, volunteer, churches, holidays, political events

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