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Getting the Meals Out:

Getting the Meals Out:

The Daily Life of the Kitchen

(p.42) Chapter Three Getting the Meals Out:
Heaven's Kitchen
University of Chicago Press

“Getting the meals out” (GLWD) allowed volunteers some room to preserve their ideas and memories about what was important in cooking for people with AIDS. To a large degree, volunteers and chefs focused on what was necessary to make and package meals for eight hundred people, and most interpretations of kitchen work—whether aesthetic, political, or spiritual—remained hidden. The kitchen's shared culture focused on getting the meals out. The mantra “as long as the meals get out” soothed flaring tempers and aching backs: it provided a potent goal that smoothed over all sorts of differences in personality. Board of Health inspectors made the rounds at GLWD just as they did in other restaurant kitchens, so the agency retained a kitchen consultant to conduct unannounced checks on kitchen cleanliness.

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