Heaven's KitchenLiving Religion at God's Love We Deliver

Heaven's KitchenLiving Religion at God's Love We Deliver

Courtney Bender

Print publication date: 2013

ISBN: 9780226042817

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


How do people practice religion in their everyday lives? How do our daily encounters with people who hold different religious beliefs shape the way we understand our own moral and spiritual selves? This book takes a highly original approach to answering these questions. For more than a year the author of this book worked in New York City as a volunteer for a nonprofit, nonreligious organization called God's Love We Deliver, helping to prepare home-cooked meals for people with AIDS. Paying close attention to what was said and not said, the author traces how the volunteers gave voice to their moral positions and religious values. This book also examines how they invested their conversations, and mundane activities such as cooking, with personal meaning that in turn affected how they saw their own spiritual lives.