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Harvard 1957–60

Harvard 1957–60

(p.85) Chapter 4 Harvard 1957–60
Encounters & Reflections
University of Chicago Press

This chapter is a conversation among three students—Michael, Ronna, and Robert—and their professor Seth Benardete at the University of Chicago. Benardete describes his experience at Harvard as a junior fellow from 1957 to 1960. Peter von Blanckenhagen, who was a visiting professor there, recommended Benardete for the Society of Fellows. Consequently, he got interviewed and he entered Harvard, where he had some interesting encounters with classicists such as John Finley—the son of the former president of the City College of New York and the chief editorial writer for the New York Times—Sterling Dow, Calvert Watkins, and Cedric Whitman. When Benardete got the Harvard fellowship, he was working on his book on Herodotus, which led him to meet Momigliano.

Keywords:   Harvard, Seth Benardete, Peter von Blanckenhagen, New York

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