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St. John's 1955–57

St. John's 1955–57

(p.71) Chapter 3 St. John's 1955–57
Encounters & Reflections
University of Chicago Press

This chapter is a conversation among three students—Michael, Ronna, and Robert—and their professor Seth Benardete at the University of Chicago. After pursuing his studies in Athens, Rome, and Florence on a series of fellowships, Benardete went on to his first teaching position at St. John's, where was called late in May to be interviewed. There was an interview with a committee, and then he was taken to lunch by Jacob Klein to meet Mrs. Klein. In the chapter, Benardete describes his experience with Klein and Winfrey-Smith as tutors at St. John's. He thought that Klein's strength was that he had an insight into his soul and was fascinated by a magical quality that Klein had—he could turn to the blackboard and draw a perfect circle, and was able to turn his arm like a compass.

Keywords:   Seth Benardete, St. John's, Jacob Klein, Winfrey-Smith

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