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Athens, Rome, And Florence 1952–54

Athens, Rome, And Florence 1952–54

(p.55) Chapter 2 Athens, Rome, And Florence 1952–54
Encounters & Reflections
University of Chicago Press

This chapter is a conversation among three students—Michael, Ronna, and Robert—and their professor Seth Benardete at the University of Chicago. Benardete describes his experience during his fellowship at Athens, Rome, and Florence in the early 1950s. In Italy, he had an encounter with James Baldwin, when Baldwin had published his first novel, Go Tell It on the Mountain. Before going to Athens, Benardete had gone to England, where he had a chance to meet John Davidson Beazley, C.M. Bowra, and Maurice Powicke. He also describes his encounters at Athens with Werner Jaeger, and at Rome with Lord and Lady Beazley and Elliott Carter. Finally, Benardete describes his struggle while writing a dissertation on Homer's The Iliad.

Keywords:   Seth Benardete, Athens, Rome, Florence, James Baldwin, John Davidson Beazley, C. M. Bowra, Elliott Carter

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