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The University of Chicago 1948–52, 1954–55

The University of Chicago 1948–52, 1954–55

(p.5) Chapter 1 The University of Chicago 1948–52, 1954–55
Encounters & Reflections
University of Chicago Press

This chapter is a conversation among three students—Michael, Ronna, and Robert—and their professor Seth Benardete at the University of Chicago, which includes an account of Benardete's experience at the university during the 1950s. Upon entering the University of Chicago in the early 1950s, he found himself a fellow student with Allan Bloom, Stanley Rosen, George Steiner, and Severn Darden, among others, and came into contact with visitors such as Martin Buber, Arnold Toynbee, and T.S. Eliot. Benardete was taught by professors such as David Grene and Peter von Blanckenhagen, but it was above all his encounter at Chicago with Leo Strauss that proved decisive for his philosophic development.

Keywords:   Seth Benardete, University of Chicago, T.S. Eliot, Leo Strauss, David Grene, Peter von Blanckenhagen

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