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(p.1) 1 Introduction
Symbolic Interaction and Cultural Studies
Michal M. McCallHoward S. Becker
University of Chicago Press

The chapters in this volume deal with symbolic interaction and cultural studies. Most of the chapters tell symbolic interactionists, in one way or another, what their colleagues in related areas are up to. One paper, for instance, describes a body of work on religion which other interactionists should see as crucially related to the problems of identity and personal change they study in other milieus. Other chapters describe the symbolic interactionist tradition of research on the arts and in science studies, bring news from other areas of sociology, and speak to symbolic interactionists from the flourishing specialty of discourse analysis. The book also examines the gathering of life histories, the social nature of the human body, the feminist ethic versus the “traditional” (patriarchal) ethic of “rights” (property), the interactionist approach to social organization, social interaction, culture, and historical studies.

Keywords:   symbolic interaction, cultural studies, religion, arts, science, sociology, discourse analysis, life histories, feminist ethic, social organization

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