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Hybrid Spaces for Empowering Learning in Math and Science

Hybrid Spaces for Empowering Learning in Math and Science

(p.166) Chapter Seven Hybrid Spaces for Empowering Learning in Math and Science
Empowering Science and Mathematics Education in Urban Schools
Edna TanAngela Calabrese BartonErin E. TurnerMaura Varley Gutiérrez
University of Chicago Press

Science and math learning environments ought to support students in developing and using their math and science knowledge and practices in authentic contexts in addition to providing equitable access to resources, so that all students (especially underrepresented minority students) can be bona fide beneficiaries of science and math education policy initiatives. It is through the collective creation of hybrid spaces that students were able to engage in critical math and science literacies and to translate such critical knowledge into authentic, real world action, thereby exhibiting their critical math and science agencies. This chapter concerns these hybrid spaces and discusses how they are crucial to breaking down the inequitable opportunities that exist and to furthering the cause of science and math for all. It shows cross-cutting themes that reverberate through these hybrid spaces and considers their implications for science and math education. Hybrid spaces allow the coalescence of multiple discourses, perspectives, and resources, leading to a transformation of the learning environment that is at once equitable and empowering.

Keywords:   math learning, hybrid spaces, knowledge, empowering, science literacies

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