Why We Need Ordinary Language Philosophy

Why We Need Ordinary Language Philosophy

Sandra Laugier

Print publication date: 2013

ISBN: 9780226470542

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Focused on clarity and logical argument, analytic philosophy has dominated the discipline in the United States, Australia, and Britain over the past one hundred years, and it is often seen as a unified, coherent, and inevitable advancement. This book questions this assumption, rethinking the very grounds that drove analytic philosophy to develop and uncovering its inherent tensions and confusions. Drawing on J. L. Austin and the later works of Ludwig Wittgenstein, it argues for the solution provided by ordinary language philosophy—a philosophy that trusts and utilizes the everyday use of language and the clarity of meaning it provides—and in doing so contributes to the philosophy of language and twentieth-and twenty-first-century philosophy as a whole.