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The Aljamiado Alexander

(p.159) Chapter 5 Judgment
Death in Babylon
Vincent Barletta
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses key elements of the Ibero-Muslim tradition of Alexandrian literature as it manifested during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. It aims to engage in a more focused analysis of specific manuscript texts in Aljamiado that deal with Alexander the Great and reflect dominant currents of late medieval Ibero-Muslim literature concerned with the Macedonian king. The main text upon which the chapter focuses, the Rekontamiento del rey Ališandre (Story of King Alexander), speaks of empire in a focused way, developing this theme within the frame of a persistent exploration of Islamic concerns regarding human mortality, knowledge, the afterlife, and the Day of Judgment.

Keywords:   Ibero-Muslim tradition, Alexandrian literature, Aljamiado, Alexander the Great, human mortality, Islamic concerns

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